Wrought iron accessories

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Interior lighting

Luxury interior lights are forged from iron or stainless steel. Ceiling lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps not only provide to space pleasant and necessary lighting but are also a unique accessory and work of art at the same time.

Exterior lighting

We offer a wide range of luxurious forged exterior lamps. They are exceptional in their originality, each piece is a unique piece of art. Lighting in a historical or modern timeless style can transform space into exceptional shape.

Fireplace tool sets

Fireplaces and fireplace sets from classic to avant-garden works of art - we offer you all in above-standard quality and originality. Get inspired and choose the type that adds to the uniqueness of your home, hotel or restaurant...


Our gallery is enriched with a wide selection of exclusive hand-forged candle holders of various sizes and designs. We bring you unique works of art in a romantic, historical or modern style... Each piece is a unique expression of the artist's passion.

Flower stands

Flowers will make every home and any space more comfortable. We offer forged flower holders for your windows, gazebos and other areas with natural motifs, as well as ancient patterns that will return you to memories of grandma. Get inspired...

Works of art

The hand-forged works of art and accessories that we offer are made as original pieces that can turn your home, restaurant or any space into an exceptional one. They represent luxury works of art and the quality of these products is a guarantee.