Interior lighting

LUXURY LIGHTING / HAND-FORGED LIGHTING: One of the necessary accessories for finishing or furnishing a house, cottage, hotel, restaurant or any interior is the lighting. Their choice is to be considered because light and lamp design will be a daily part of your life. One can perform better and enjoy returning to a pleasant, cozy environment. Home is a place where we have to take the necessary rest after all-day activities, but at the same time work isn’t over there. Therefore, choosing the right lighting for work, relaxation and the overall design of the lighting plays an important role. Lighting from our offer can become a jewel of your interior. We offer luxury and exceptional hand-forged lighting – wall lamps, hanging chandeliers, floor lamps – lighting in modern or rustic style for small and large spaces. Stainless steel lighting can transform a modern-style interior into an exceptional one. Rustic lamps or lamps with natural motifs can become an original selection for wine cellars, cottages, gazebos and restaurants that bring a breath of the forest, garden into the interior. We offer exclusive works of art, each piece is unique and unrepeatable. The rarity is especially the strength of the craft, which can appreciate the work, skills, and passion of man. The quality and design of our forged and stainless steel lighting bring joy and satisfaction. If you are interested in interior lighting, we invite you to our e-shop.

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To buy!Interior wrought iron lights

Interior wrought iron lights

Wrought iron lighting in a wine cellar

Wrought iron lighting in a wine cellar

To buy!A copper wrought wall lamp

A copper wrought wall lamp

To buy!A modern wrought wall lamp

A modern wrought wall lamp

To buy!A hand wrought iron chandelier - vine - wheel - a luxurious chandelier

A hand wrought iron chandelier - vine - wheel - a luxurious chandelier

Hand-forged lamp

Hand-forged lamp